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Dental Education Shop

Dental Education Shop is a unique organisation that provides an independent and factual source of dental health materials targeting both dental professionals and the general public.

These materials have been developed by a team of independent dental professionals representing a strong cross-section of experience including dental practitioners, teaching, research and oral health promotion, particularly with the former Dental Health Foundation, University of Sydney.

Dental Education Shop offers a superb range of patient brochures on various aspects of dentistry, plus an unrivalled range of children´┐Żs items with a strong preventive dentistry message.

Dental Education Shop is a subsidiary of Dental Outlook Publications. The flagship is the outstanding magazine Dental Outlook - a truly cutting-edge publication that has earned an enviable reputation for its accuracy, ease of reading, practicality and excellent illustrations.

Dr Graham Craig, AM, MDS, PhD, is the current Editor of Dental Outlook. He was formerly Associate Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry and subsequently, Director of the Dental Health Foundation at the University of Sydney. His clinical interests have involved the use and evaluation of materials and procedures for minimal intervention dentistry as well as the use of fluorides in caries prevention.

Dr Craig's initial research interests were with resin-based composites, which became the focus of his Master's Degree. Subsequently Dr Craig used his chemistry background to investigate various metal fluorides and a study of iron fluorides became the basis for his PhD degree.

Recently, as the result of the explosion of products reaching the market, he has become involved again with resin-based materials.

He has published over 30 papers in numerous scientific journals throughout the world and has presented over 200 post-graduate courses and lectures.

As a teacher he is dedicated to bringing the readers of Dental Outlook accurate and highly readable articles on current topics. Dental Outlook is unique in that it has no paid advertising and its only source of revenue is from subscriptions.